Implementing community, involvement and connections. Celebrating differences. Fostering inclusivity. Increasing motivation.

Building trust.

These are the principles that inspire Living Land, a European+ project meant to:

→ create effective and operational tools to realise employability for young people locally, nationally and in Europe, especially for those with less possibilities or who are made vulnerable by society;
→ enhance skills and competences of young people, offering inclusion activities and promoting self-development;
→ use work possibilities as an opportunity for young people to feel part of their communities;
innovate youth workers’ approach towards engaging young people helping them to take charge of their own lives;
→ increase the connection between heterogeneous organisations such as Public Administration and Non-Profit Organizations, to help them to work together on youth policies.



Living Land Italy

Young people can consult and apply for different social and work experiences.


Promotes youth initiatives, cooperation and training activities for youth workers.


This project could be possible thanks to Erasmus+ programme that offers mobility and international cooperation opportunities.