During the first meeting hosted by Fundacja Instytut Innowacji in Warsaw (Poland), the partners had the possibility to meet and get to know each other, explore the activities of their daily work and share their experience with youth policies and youth workers in each country.
Then, they reviewed the overall project and defined common methodologies and objectives to work together for the next two years.

During the meeting, the group had a chance to visit 2 organisations which work with NEET youth.
The first one was FabLab Twarda (fablabwarszawa.pl), where youth can experience advanced technologies participating in educational activities (they learn how to use new technologies such as 3D prints, laser plotters, CNC milling machines and electronics creatively) supported by trainers. The FabLab was created and powered in Warsaw by the Orange Foundation and the Robisz.to Association.
The Centrum Przedsiębiorczości Smolna (biznes.um.warszawa.pl/-/o-nas) works to empower self-employment, start up and exchange of experiences between young business realities and entrepreneurs (they have no longer than 3-years life).