The last meeting was hosted by CAAT Projects in Amsterdam in its office in OT301 (, a building which has been squatted (1999) and bought (2006) by a diverse, international community that is united in an association called EHBK. The members run this alternative, not-for-profit platform as a collective in which housing, workspace and public functions are combined to contribute to the arts, politics and subcultures in Amsterdam.

The meeting was useful to close all the project activities and outputs and to talk about the final reporting. The partners also used this opportunity to take stock of the last two years of the project and to reflect on the collaboration. It was a very useful moment to understand which aspects still needed to be improved and which were the ones that could already present the resources of future work at the European level.

The last day the group went in Rotterdam to meet an organization, Formaat (, dedicated to people in a disadvantaged position in society. They use participatory arts to develop strategies together, raise their voices, actively participate in the communities, create spaces of solidarity and to co-create art for human rights.

Here, the partners had the possibility to know an association called Shadows United (, a movement from artists with and without the right papers that want to re-create a new narrative around the label “undocumented” who fight for human rights for everyone independent of the immigration status. The group could experience the technic of the shadows theatre with them as well.