Again, the Covid-19 pandemic and an earthquake in Croatia slowed down the project. A one-year extension was granted and the partners could meet again after long time.

The third transnational meeting was organized by Contextos – Cooperativa para o Desenvolvimento e Coesão Social, CRL, and successfully completed at the Portuguese Institute for Sport and Youth, in Faro (Portugal) with all partners attending.

During the meeting, we discussed the project’s progress and future steps, namely, the Quality Evaluation Plan (QEP) manual and templates prepared by the Contextos and Consorzio Consolida team, and the current status of the outputs developed so far, the IO1- Living Land Guidelines and IO2 – Living Land Platform.

The participants had the opportunity to visit the premises of the Associação Algarvia de Pais e Amigos das Crianças Diminuídas Mentais (AAPACDM), namely the Vocational Training Unit. This project aims to allow the acquisition and development of professional skills by people with disabilities, in order to enhance their employability and insertion into working life. To this end, an integrated training path is undertaken, covering the areas of recovery and updating of personal and social skills, qualification in a specific professional area, and the application of knowledge acquired in a real work situation. It is through this triple effort of rehabilitation, qualification, and integration that we contribute to the eradication of social exclusion and to the construction of a society founded on equal opportunities and respect for difference.